ALA 175 Foundations in Leadership

In this course, students will reflect on their leadership journey, begin to form a personal leadership philosophy and cultivate a holistic view of leadership.


Competencies: Action, Authenticity, Building Relationships, Empathy, Feedback, Humility, Self-Awareness

Semester: Winter

Audience: Undergraduates

Barger Leadership Mindful Leader Retreat

Join the Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) in exploring Mindful Mindset concepts and practices through meditation, journaling, creative practices, and movement over fall break at a peaceful setting on Lake Michigan.

Competencies: Authenticity, Empathy, Humility, Meaning-Making, Resilience, Self-Awareness

Semester: Fall

Audience: Undergraduates

Leadership Crisis Challenge

The Leadership Crisis Challenge, powered by the Sanger Leadership Center, prepares you to lead in high-pressure, high-stakes environments. You will be immersed in a simulated business and media crisis where you will test your...

Competencies: Action, Adaptability, Facilitation, Humility, Resilience

Semester: Winter

Audience: All Students

Planet Blue Student Leaders

Planet Blue Student Leaders (PBSLs) are part-time employees of Student Life who act as peer educators to promote sustainable living behaviors and work in small teams to implement year-long projects that support campus...

Competencies: Action, Adaptability, Building Relationships, Facilitation, Feedback, Humility, Resilience, Self-Awareness

Semester: Fall, Winter

Audience: All Students, Graduate Students, Undergraduates


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