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Below we have compiled a list of resources for students to learn more about leadership opportunities available at the University of Michigan and in the United States.

*Note: Many of these resources are outside resources not maintained by M-LEAD so content may change and does not represent the views of M-LEAD or the University of Michigan. 

Career Assessment Tools

The University Career Center offers a variety of career assessment tests to meet student needs. They have individual career counseling sessions and can do group sessions. Click here for information about the MBTI and Clifton Strengths.

Intercultural Development Inventory

M-LEAD provides support in offering and partnering to provide the Intercultural Development Inventory. Email mleadinfo@umich.edu.

Developing Leadership Competencies

M-LEAD has several resources you can utilize to help your students develop leadership competencies. Click here.

Leadership Learning Library

Resources to support student organizations, email uminvolvement@umich.edu or click here.


Michigan Leadership Collaborative

The Leadership Collaborative is a community of university faculty and staff dedicated to advancing leadership learning and removing institutional barriers for students who seek to develop and progress as leaders. Through our monthly meetings, we work to share best practices, collaborate on annual programs and events, and increase cross-campus communication to enhance leadership learning opportunities at the University of Michigan.

If you would like to join the collaborative please email mleadinfo@umich.edu.

Member Benefits:

  • Access to leadership and leadership education research.
  • Access to University of Michigan student data from the 2018 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership.
  • Access to a rich network of experts in leadership education and supporting-content areas
  • Cross-unit promotion of your leadership learning courses, conferences, events, or workshops.
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Representation at the Big 10 Leadership Conference.
  • Opportunity  to collaborate on programming or co-sponsor/ co-host speaker

Member Commitment:

  • Attend 8-12 MLC meetings annually, typically convened monthly
  • Cross-promote MLC partner events/activities in your existing marketing/communications and referral networks
  • Recognize the uniqueness/lens of leadership that each group brings to the table
  • Host one meeting at a location in your office/department
  • Model collaboration for our students by how we work together
  • Collaborate on strategies to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in leadership training across units


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