ALA 175 Foundations in Leadership


In this course, students will reflect on their leadership journey, begin to form a personal leadership philosophy and cultivate a holistic view of leadership.

This 3-credit Foundational Leadership course will help students:
- Familiarize themselves with leadership theories
- Learn about the importance of leading a group or workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive
- Work with a group to identify important issues, brainstorm small win countermeasures, implement ideas at a small scale, and improve their ideas
- Engage stakeholders and collect evidence about their chosen topic through leadership experiments that test their ideas against the world
- Learn and practice daily meditation and other mindfulness practices to enhance your effectiveness and performance as a leader
- Reflect on their leadership identity, actions, and habits to continuously improve your leadership learning and development


Action, Authenticity, Building Relationships, Empathy, Feedback, Humility, Self-Awareness

Takes place: Winter Semester
Intended for: Undergraduates

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