Award Categories

Award Categories


Cross Cultural Programming Award: This award is presented to the individual and group who improved the campus climate by working together to present an initiative(s) that increases the campus community’s understanding of different cultures and provides opportunities for cross cultural exchanges.

Fine Arts Award: You can recognize individuals and groups doing amazing things in the Arts by nominating them for the Accolades Achievement in the Arts Awards. A seperate event put on by Arts at Michigan. 

Fraternity or Sorority of the Year Award: Given to the organization that has shown a commitment to overall unity, excellence to philanthropy, a commitment to scholarship and membership development, and that has had a positive impact on the overall campus community through their programs and initiatives.

Global Impact Award: This award is given to an individual and group who demonstrate leadership in achieving the international mission of the University of Michigan through promotion of international involvement and understanding.

Innovation or Research AwardGiven to an individual and group whose work results in an invention or improvement to an existing product, service, process, or technology that creates new value for customers or that helps to address and/or analyze a societal problem.

Professional Organization of the Year Award: This award recognizes a group based around a profession who demonstrates significant success and development in following their mission and goals.

Quiet Influence Award: Recognizes an individual and group who put their heart and soul into everything they do, but their effort often goes unrecognized. They may work ”behind the scenes,” but often go above and beyond expectations.

Resiliency Award: Recognizes an individual who has shown the ability to persevere through difficult situations, effectively adapt to challenges, and employ strategies to recover from setbacks.

Rosalie Ginsberg Dedicated Community Service Award: Recognizes an individual and group who made a positive, meaningful, and lasting impact in surrounding communities through social action and community engagement.

Social Change Award: Honors an individual and group who is responsible for the development and/or execution of a program or initiative that significantly enhanced the social, recreational, educational, and/or cultural life of students and the general community at this institution.

Social Justice Award: Given to an individual and group whose programs or efforts educate people on social justice issues on campus and/or abroad and have shown evidence of a significant impact on addressing power, privilege, and discrimination to foster inclusiveness and a socially just society.

Student Life Student Employee of the Year: This award recognizes a student, employed by a department within Student Life, who embodies the values and drives the department forward towards its vision.

Equitable Partnership Award: Recognizes the collaboration between two or more student organizations that results in a meaningful, impactful initiative or event that embodies elements of teamwork, equitable partnership, and collaboration outside of the organization. Please note contact information for all involved organizations.

Student Organization of the Year: This award recognizes a student organization who has exemplified their overall mission and purpose through positive engagement while creating a lasting impact on the campus community during the year.

Sustainability Award: This award is given to an individual and group who has made an impact on the campus community and/or society through helping to shrink our footprint through raising awareness and addressing sustainability issues which may include an overlap of environmental, economic, cultural, or social equity-related issues.

Wellness Award: This award is given to an individual and group who have developed initiatives or programming that promotes or educates campus on one or more of the eight dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional/mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual, and spiritual).

First Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate Student of the Year Award: Awarded to a first year, sophomore, junior, senior and graduate student who have excelled in the areas of academic achievement, student leadership, and service.

K-12 Student Engagement Award: This award recognizes an individual or student organization that is deeply engaged with children and youth in K-12 settings to advance student learning using the principles of diversity, inclusion, equity and/or justice.

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