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Interested in starting the Leadership Certificate in the future?

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Be a currently enrolled University of Michigan undergraduate student on the Ann Arbor campus and in good standing (not on probation)


Be interested in or involved in leadership in organizations, work experiences, and/or in service to the community while on campus


Be able to complete, document, and reflect on the experiences listed below in the framework for the certificate program




Coursework (3 credits)

ALA 175 Foundations in Leadership (3 credits)
ALA 174 Leadership Lab (1 credit) plus 2 credits from an approved University of Michigan course


Co-Curricular (1-2 Experiences)

1 Blue Experience or 2 Maize Experiences which can be found here


Service/Student Employment/Student Org Involvement (2 Semesters)

2 semesters of service, student employment with a partnering unit, or active involvement in a student organization


Attend cohort building dinners to connect with fellow cohort members in a community setting



Participate in 2 coaching sessions, 1 Intercultural Learning Session, and 1 advising session with program staff


Create a capstone project that includes three reflection pieces with a culminating leadership philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended timeline to complete the Leadership Certificate? 

  • We recommend four semesters to experience the full benefit of the program. In addition, we believe that the quality of the submitted materials improves when students work on the requirements across multiple years. Despite this recommendation, we understand that you may need to complete this program in a shorter amount of time because of the length of your academic program or other reasons. Please schedule an advising appointment with us to discuss your options.

Does the certificate go on my academic transcript? 

  • No, the certificate does not go on your academic record/transcript. You will receive a certificate of completion, graduation medallion, and identifier that you can use for your resume and sites like LinkedIn.

Is everyone that applies accepted into the cohort? 

  • Entry into a cohort will be offered to students based on program capacity and a student’s commitment to attend the program orientation. Students who are unable to attend the orientation will not be admitted to the program.

Can I use leadership experiences from my previous University/College?

  • Yes. You can use past leadership experiences from a previous institution. If you are a transfer student and interested in applying to the program, please set up an advising appointment so you can get a better idea of what will qualify. Pre-college experiences do not count towards the certificate.

How will I track my progress and know that I have completed all of the requirements? 

  • You have access to advising appointments through the program to talk with one of our advisors about your progress as well as a Canvas page dedicated to all of your certificate progress and reflections. 

Is the certificate available to graduate and professional students or undergraduate students at other U of M Campuses? 

  • At this time the Leadership Certificate is only available to undergraduate students on the Ann Arbor campus. 

Can I study abroad while I am completing the Leadership Certificate?

  • If you are interested in studying abroad while you are completing the Leadership Certificate, please schedule an advising appointment to discuss this option with a member of the LC staff

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