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About the Program

About the Program:

Peer Facilitators (PF) are an essential part of the BLI community. They help mentor and motivate students to develop their leadership, by instructing the BLI Leadership Lab. PF's play a significant role in designing course content, leading discussions, and supporting student's project teams. Experiences leading their peers in the Leadership Lab will help peer facilitators be more successful in their work on campus, in their community, and in the world.


Adaptability, Facilitation, Feedback


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Student Story

"Through this experience, I grew immensely as a leader. I had a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, was more confident in my public speaking skills, and felt like I really knew how to help guide and facilitate group discussions and community-oriented projects. It was also just really great to see all the cool work and ideas that students were creating to address community issues that they were passionate about. Learning about the process of how to connect them with stakeholders and guide them through the steps to implementing a successful project was not only helpful for them but also taught me a great deal about campus resources and project management. Overall, being a Peer Facilitator was a great learning experience, and I am so glad that I was able to take part in it." --Lucie Rosenthal


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