Episode 04: How do you prioritize your own mental health as a leader?

Feb 4, 2021

Undergraduate Abby Richburg, the Director of CAPS In Action, a student mental health organization that is facilitated by CAPS, and Ed Huebner Assistant Director at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) joins Steve Bodei, Associate Director of M-LEAD to talk about mental health and leadership in our current environment. Tune in to hear what Ed and Abby had to say about challenging narratives related to mental health and leadership, how to maintain your own mental health when facing the challenges of leadership, how to ask for help, and much more! (38 min) 

Episode transcript is available.

Episode Competencies

Authenticity, Mindfulness, Self-Awareness

Episode Resources

Learn more about Counseling & Psychological Services:  https://caps.umich.edu/

CAPS In Action Student Group: https://caps.umich.edu/cia

To schedule an appointment at CAPS: https://umichcaps.titaniumhwc.com/Hwc/

For Urgent/Crisis Support: https://caps.umich.edu/article/urgent-support

Processing/Reflection Questions:

What is one way you plan to prioritize your mental health?

What role do you think vulnerability and authenticity play in leadership?

What is an example of a time you have failed? What did you learn from that experience and how might you share that in the future?


Speaker Bio

Abigail Richburg

Abigail Richburg

Senior at the University of Michigan

Abby is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. She is the Director of CAPS In Action, a student mental health organization that is facilitated by CAPS and promotes mental health outreach and awareness on campus. Abby is passionate about mental health outreach because she believes that well-being is the foundation to everything else that we do. After graduation, Abby plans to pursue a graduate degree and career in developmental psychological research.

Ed Huebner

Ed Huebner

Assistant Director at CAPS

Ed serves as an Assistant Director in the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office at U of M. With professional counseling interests around training, outreach, prevention work, men’s issues, faith/spirituality, self-harm, student-athletes, couples counseling, and suicide prevention.  He approaches counseling mainly from an interpersonal perspective, drawing from various other theoretic styles as needed. He is passionate about social justice, his role in empowering clients, and making sure to assess and provide culturally responsive care. His goal is to create a comfortable, safe, and collaborative environment so that students have the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.


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